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W7 Dusk Till Dawn Eyeshadow Palette Tin
W7 Dusk Till Dawn Eyeshadow Palette Colours
W7 Dusk Till Dawn Eyeshadow Palette Tin Open
W7 Dusk Till Dawn Eyeshadow Palette Example

Dusk Till Dawn Eyeshadow Palette

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Dusk Till Dawn is an eyeshadow palette with 14 shades of popping ultra violet tones.

The palette features a range of colours that bring an essence of Aladdin's cave to your makeup look. Rich and intense colours to bring a blend of Dusk Till Dawn to life.

Dusk Till Dawn consists of 7 matte shades ranging from nude, sand tones to brighter, deeper shades such as reds and purples. 

The other 7 shades of the palette consist of glittery foils and shimmers that accompany their sister matte tones.

Wanderer is a light, natural matte, Llama is a light brown matte, Bearded Dragon is a peach matte, Oasis is a dark brown matte, Ayahuasca is a popping purple matte, Wild is a deep red matte, Gobi is a burnt orange matte, Golden Sands is a golden foil, Grey Fox is a pinky brown foil with iridescent particles, Wilderness is a baby pink foil, Mirage is a light brown foil, Mojave is a lilac foil, Daybreak is a deep purple foil, Dune Moon is a burnt copper foil